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Mr. Christmas Santa’s Express Christmas Decoration

November 18, 2009

Looking for the perfect decoration to spice up the mantle place? That is exactly what I thought of when I saw this beautiful train decoration. I am not so sure if I like the name so much though, it seems like somebody was just being a little lazy or goofy when they came up with Mr. Christmas Santa’s Express, but I can’t complain too loudly. I tried to think of what I would have named it and didn’t come up with anything. And really it is a Christmas decoration. I don’t tell all of my friends, now this is blah, oh and here we have Mr. Christmas Santa’s Express. People would think I am crazy. 🙂

Train Christmas Decoration


Christmas Begins, When?

November 16, 2009

Here is an interesting question for all of the Holiday junkies like myself to ask, and be asked. When does Christmas begin for you? When do you break out the decorations and fill your home up with the Christmas spirit?