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Mr. Christmas Santa’s Express Christmas Decoration

November 18, 2009

Looking for the perfect decoration to spice up the mantle place? That is exactly what I thought of when I saw this beautiful train decoration. I am not so sure if I like the name so much though, it seems like somebody was just being a little lazy or goofy when they came up with Mr. Christmas Santa’s Express, but I can’t complain too loudly. I tried to think of what I would have named it and didn’t come up with anything. And really it is a Christmas decoration. I don’t tell all of my friends, now this is blah, oh and here we have Mr. Christmas Santa’s Express. People would think I am crazy. 🙂

Train Christmas Decoration


Snowman Couple Christmas Decroations

November 17, 2009

When I saw this cute little plush snowman couple I just had to share it here on the blog. I just thought it was so adorable, and while I know we all have more than enough little snowmen and snow women there is always room for one more.

Snowman Christmas Decorations

Mickey Mouse & Disney Christmas Decorations

November 17, 2009

As much as Charlie Brown is a Christmas must for me, Disney also has a special spot in the holiday season. There have been so many classic Christmas themed cartoons I am having a hard time remembering them all. What have some of your favorites been?

Disney Christmas Decorations

Wonderful Disney Christmas Decoration